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The Jet-Set - Horn Version
368.85(tax and duties not included)
The finest men's grooming products,
brought to you by Men's Heritage,
enclosed in a sophisticated genuine leather pouch
to be slipped into your briefcase or your hand luggage.

Pouch in vegetable tanned cow leather
Toothbrush with horn handle
Fusion travel razor, handle in real horn
Super badger travel brush, real horn handle
Tube for travel shaving brush, brass chromed
Baguette pocket-sized horn comb cm 12
Travel toothpaste

Horn is by his very own nature variable. The pattern and color
displayed in the pictures are therefore merely indicative. 
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Typical name of a cozy Café or Bistrot
in the south of France. It sounds like “by Dédé”
(Confidential nick-name used to call Andrea or Daria).

Chez Dédé embodies that purely italian "non so che" and exquisetely french "je ne sais quoi" the world recognizes and admires; the art of savoir vivre and the inborn inclination towards the chic décontracté.
Beauty and nonchalance.
Formal research and esprit de finesse.  More >>
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